CVEBs are independent, community-based organizations that are comprised of a collaborative network of Veterans, advocates, resources, and other stakeholders who organize in the local community to improve outcomes for Veterans, Service members, and their communities to create ‘Veteran-friendly Communities’.

The CVEB model provides a framework for local community leaders to begin having conversations with VA leaders about collaborating with existing community engagements or creating community collaborative networks where they don’t exist.






Why Are CVEB's Important?

CVEBs provide a forum for local collaboration among public and private resources, services, and advocates. United around common goals, objectives, and actions, these communities will…

Improve Veteran/Service member outcomes by connecting public and private resources and capabilities

Create forums where public and private efforts can learn about each other and work together to enhance their effectiveness and improve Veteran/Service member outcomes

Enable Veterans/Service members to easily identify and reach all of the resources available to them, voice their opinions, and provide valuable input 

Create direct and open lines of communication within the community to serve as an early warning system and enable local responsiveness to issues